Rock Paper Scissors Training Glove

It would seem that technology is finally beginning to offer RPS players a more advanced self-training method than playing in front of the mirror. Steve at has released the full specs and instructions on building a playing glove that learns and adapts to your playing style and hand mannerisms. Although there has not been an official ruling from the World RPS Society on the item (likely because our techies don't have the chops to build one), there is no doubt this item will likely be on every serious player's wish list.

Elite Invasion!
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2009 Champion Tim "Captain America" Conrad

Tim Conrad and the "Elite 47" Dominant  at the Dance, Yanis repeats as Street RPS Champion!

How often have you played your best friend in RPS? A thousand throws. Ten thousand throws? For every last piece of pizza and shotgun seat? Now how often have you played your best friend for a World Championship in front of a record crowd with $7,000 on the line? That was the unlikely finish to an amazing 2009 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships as Tim Conrad took the championship in an head-to-head showdown with his teammate and lifelong best friend Tom Butkin. Decked out in a patriotic muscle suit, Conrad waded through the sold out crowd of 512 competitors in Toronto to end up having to face his teammate and fellow Michigander in one last duel. It was a dominant performance by Conrad who combined a scissors-exclusionary strategy with a lethal Avalanche - Bureaucrat combination to win a decisive victory in straight sets. However the clear victors were "The Elite 47" who claim the first all-American final, the first all-team final, and the highest overall team finish ever.

It speaks to the depth of this years competition that this amazing story was just one of many surprises the night held, including the repeat of Toronto Canada's Yanis as Street Champion. After the street championship in 2007 and a top-16 finish in 2008 Yanis built a truly epic stake of street winnings for one last match to take the $1,000 street prize, where he noted that he's posted almost all of his strategies and theory on the society's own Bullboard.

It was a night of 1,000 stories and we hope the over 900 competitors and spectators who joined us for this unforgettable night took home one of their own. We also welcome you to share your photographs and thoughts on this years tournament by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To all pro RPS athletes in Toronto - and around the world - and to 2009  World Champion Tim Conrad we congratulate you on throws well played. This dance truly brought down the house.

2009 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships
Toronto, Canada

1st Set
R - R
R - P
R - S
P - R

2nd Set
R - S
P - P
P - P
P - R

Welcome to the "Dance of Hands"!
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Less than 32 Hours to a new World Champion!



  • Welcome pro RPS athelets from across the world to lovely Toronto, Canada for the "Dance of Hands", the 2009 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championship! We here at the society wish that you all have a memorable World Championships weekend.
  • At the moment there are a very small number of competitor tickets available at the door for $40. These will sell out quickly so we encourage competitors who do not have a ticket to arrive as early as possible at the Steamwhistle. Doors open to the public at 7pm and those in line will be first come first served for the remaining competition slots. Spectator tickets for $20 are available at the door.
  • Because some competitors have asked, the WRPS is officially supporting #rps09 as the official Twitter tag for this year's tournaments, we look forward to seeing competitors reports from the field!
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