Denmark Crowns Champion

Hans-JacobYou know that the 2008 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championships are getting close when the Scandanavians start crowning their champions. For those that don't know, Scandanavia loves competitive RPS and Denmark now loves Hans-Jacob Arndt Nielsen who won the title at this years Skanderborg Festival where the Danish Championships were held at Captain Morgans bar.

The story starts to get interesting here becuase Hans-Jacob got his chance in the competition on a wild card when one of the other regional winners did not show up. It gets a little more interesting when Hans-Jacob ended up in the finale with his best friend, who won one of the regional events. It gets even more interesting when it  turns out Hans-Jacob won over his best friend beating him with scissors - but, in typical style of an honourable RPS player, Hans-Jacob dislays true friendship and is bringing his friend/opponent to see the World Championship in Toronto with him on October 25th.



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2008 Yahoo! World Rock Paper Scissors Championships @ Yahoo! Video

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Years ago, someone noticed that both Churchill and Hitler had identifying jestures that not only looked remarkably similar to two particular RPS throws, but also related an accurate historical fact: England beat Germany in World War II.  A photo depicting this historic match has made the rounds of the Internet for years, so we thought (or rather our Hamburg, Germany based advertising agency) thought it time to bring this RPS battle to life in fun video to support the 2008 Yahoo! World RPS Championships taking place on October 25th in Toronto.


Norway to Crown Champion in Sept


stein saks papir


If there is a country that has done more to promote RPS, it would have to be Norway. NFSSPP has been sending some of the best and most enthusiastic players to the World Championships since way back in 2003. On September 20th, in Skein, Norway a new champion will be crowed who will travel with the rest of Team Norway  to compete at the 2008 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships on Oct. 25

Other events on the Norway circuit include:

  • Tromsø: 27. august kl 21:00 på Driv
  • Lillehammer: 28. august kl 21:00 på Bingo'n
  • Bergen: 6. september kl 19:30 på Kvarteret
  • Oslo: 11. september kl 21:00 på Betong (Chateu Neuf)


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