Norway Crowns a Champion!

 After a tournament with extreme amounts of rocks (editors note: Don't the Norwegian players know that "Rock is for Rookies?") , the player that never retreated to scissors won - and won big. Vegard Berg will join Team Norway Vikings in next month's Yahoo! RPS World Championships in Toronto. This will be the fifth year in a row that Norway will compete for the world title, with a well prepared and diverse team with skills in both
street, physique, psyche and endurance.

Norway has publicly stated that they aim for a Norwegian world champion by 2010.

Photos of the winner are up on Flickr :

Link to the official site of the Norwegian RPS Federation or Norsk Forbund for Stein, Saks Papir 

2008 Trading Card Series Released

trading card2

 Every year, the World RPS Society releases a set of  online trading cards to promote the upcoming 2008 Yahoo RPS World Championships taking place in Toronto on October 25 . This year, of course, is not different with a set new 22 cards . You will notice that we have put the cards on because when you have a great sponsor like Yahoo! Canada and they have great properties like Flickr, it only makes sense to use them. And we are not saying that simply becuase they are a sponsor since we have had an RPS  Group Photo Pool on flickr for years. We find it is an excellent way for everyone to share the great shots they get from the event. 

Click here to check out all the cards


Trading card1



Trading card 3


Argentina's Amazing Journey to the Championships

ArgentinaWe received a great email the other day with a very cool story of how a group of friends all the way from Argentina figured out a way to send someone from the group to the 2008 Yahoo! RPS World Championships.

We are a group of 15 friends that have been gathering for the last 9 yeasrs every Thursday to have dinner after playing a soccer match. After paying dinner we always used to round up the bill and the remaining was given to the winner of a “one on one” lightning RPS tournament. Last year, we heard about the event and what started as a dream is now about to become true. We decided to play a 1 year tournament and the winner would have  the chance to represent us in the RPS 2008 World Championship in Canada. Most of the money came from rounding up the dinner’s bill. After one year of tournaments, Martin “Chingo” Ingolotti was the winner and will be representing our group of friends in Canada.

Now, all we need to know is if 'Chingo" has what it takes to compete at the world class level of RPS when he has the dreams of his friends and the entire country of Argentina.


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